Bulk Vending

Great revenue generator for unused floor space!  Small space, big fun!

Claw Machines

Fun for children and adults of all ages!  Great entertainment value for your customers!

Products and services we offer:

BCG Gaming is the Southeast's leading provider of Claw Machines and Bulk Vending equipment.  BCG is a fully licensed and insured coin-operated amusement operator. We have been in the amusement industry since 1999 and are constantly pushing the envelope to deliver service and entertainment value to our locations.  At BCG, we pride ourselves on our service being second to none and also our continued commitment to find new and exciting merchandise to keep your customers happy.  We only source merchandise from reputable vendors who conform to Federal regulations regarding product safety.  BCG Gaming is truly your partner in profit!


We select from the best performing products available to maximize both fun and profits!